Monday, 20 February 2017

Composure - Part III Session 24

-consisting of exercises and phrases, original and learned. 
Danced together, in unison. Synchronised. Pulse. Breathing as one.

We let the space breathe for a few moments post-warm up. As it settles, we enter individually allowing our intuition to guide us. Hearts still beating fast – as one. Sweating still – dripping. A respectful approach to the Fale and our performance space – an acknowledgement.

An improvisation begins. It is ceremonial in its beginning; derived (we think) from the oneness established during warm up. This continues for the next hour and a half; a phronetic session where ideas seem to be explored to a near perfect end, with shifters slipping from the scene just as the time is right, pushing a smooth transition or progression into a development of the idea, or an alternative option.

Music was also utilised in a particularly satisfying way. There were times where a track was played to drive the scene toward a more concrete focus, adding mood, as well as a few instances where the music was used to support a specific intention; Rihanna’s “Diamonds” was used when EF and JD were in a zealous duet singing about being a star shine bright like a diamond in the sky

We talked about music and its effect on our performance qualities, and the possibility of compiling several playlists for the 12-hour Improvisation which we could use to layer quality/drive sections in a particular way, or to provide a challenge

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