Monday, 20 February 2017

Composure - Part III Session 25

-consisting of exercises and phrases, original and learned. Danced together, in unison. Synchronised. Pulse. Breathing as one. Research into how the start to our session could affect our improvisation in comparison to the last session.

Today we were tired and loose. Ideas were unfocused and brief, all seeming to have a similar arc and timeline. As opposed to Thursday’s richness of whole group encounters, today was filled with a lot of duets and solos – a very different performance situation, which drove a beautiful use of space by partnerships and individuals. We consider why / how / what makes these changes

LC video called us
-From Wellington
-LC helped shape the improv, giving direction through OG as an agent for delivery of her suggestions.
An unusual and exciting way of utilising technology to stay connected and share our dancing.

We decided what food we will eat on Saturday the 25 February.

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