Sunday, 5 February 2017

COMPOSURE - Part III Session 21

Warm up: Body work
-muscle: massage, pat, invigorate, activate
-bones: shake
-voice: make noise through physical impulse (where does the voice physically sit, how can voice be a physical reaction rather than a pre-planned thought)

We compose the space again. The space is smaller this week (Dojo rehearsal space) and our compositions are instinctively more connected in the design of lines or clusters. The improvisation develops for a while, each shifter contributing, making, shaping the piece.

Trio: Shaper – EF
L&B moving, J narrating
The narration and the moving is circular: each influences the other
The shaping and the shifting is circular: each influences the other

Duet: Shapers – EF & LC
Shifters - J&B
-journey together, swirls on ground, pause/drop, contact which builds and into massive/crazy/throwing movement, rest & hug, roll
There was a moment (in the pause/drop) in which the shapers thought the duet had come to a close, but the shifters did not hear the instruction – and continued. The following movement was exquisite. This brings up questions: Who is shaping. Whose choreographic interests are we fulfilling. How do know when to end and when to continue. How can we push through the potential ends to find further interesting movement ideas.

We reflected that the shaper is creating with head, their logic, their choreographic experience, their vision and the shifter is creating with their body, their muscle memory, their physical experience. Where do our impulses meet. What is the ground in the middle, when we can access both modes of making.

Awareness vs. innate knowledge vs. intuition vs. judgement vs. impulses

A fantastic thought from another project:
“If there is nothing to do, do nothing.”

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