Thursday, 9 February 2017

COMPOSURE - Part III Session 23

We welcomed back two of our practitioners who have created in and with Composure since the start of the project at dance school. It was SO great to have the energy and creativity feeding our improvisation.

Musical movement
-play a variety of different tracks
-move to the music
-do what your body needs to do

This is a task to begin an improvisation, an 'in' 
We walk, up and down
We break away, move and come back
The conveyor belt dissolves and movement evolves
-the task requires us to be individuals, within a collective structure (spatial and rhythmical) We must keep our awareness out to how the other(s) are contributing how we can compliment or CONTRAST the worlds that unfold.
-set up, wave, whirlpool, clear

The improvisation developed in to various 2s, 3s, 1s, Then we moved as a group with a single focus/purpose. We divided again and then again and then swapped in and out.

-sometimes we have a great idea, but need to hold on to it until the right moment. We know when that moment arises
-sometimes, we have an impulse which we need to activate straight away. We know when we have missed the moment
The more we improvise, together, the more we can tune in to these type of decision making 
-If we wander, how do we pull back in to the group? (what are our strategies...)
JD - jump in to what someone else is doing / copy
EF - investigate someone / copy
LC - make a spatial decision/connection / copy
RA - build intense focus on someone - eventually drops both into something interesting.

We made a timelapse video....   will upload soon!

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