Sunday, 5 February 2017

COMPOSURE - Part III Session 20

LONG session: 4 hours
We are preparing for our sharing at the Auckland Fringe Festival 

We met and planned our time:
-make a record of all the tasks we’ve ever done
-discuss potential ways in and out of improvisations throughout the afternoon
-move into an improvisation

These our the main tasks we’ve created, borrowed, chanced upon. These are our pillars of exploration; we can come back to these throughout an improvisation, to develop and deepen the movement being created.

We began with a task to compose the space:
-we walk, set our body in a place, pause. We continue this pattern as a way to meet the space, to create connection in and with the space.
-we walk, set out body in a place in relation to an other, pause. We build our connection with each other through the space.
-we walk, set our body in a place in relation to an other, move. We listen to impulses of movement - exploring, warming up, creating.
This shifts into an improvisation, we build on these impulses. We continue to explore and eventually someone emerges as a shaper – usually out of the desire to experience something specific, or from finding a lack of something, or for having some genius idea.

Double Duet: Shaper - LC
Shifter - BM&RT: Fluid, 1 body 2 minds, inter-weave/twine, string, knot, slip away but return
Shifter - OG&EF: Mirror each other, spatially they frame BM&RT,
The duets are the same (tension, speed, disposition)
The duets are different (direction, focus, spatial intimacy)

Duet: Shapers - LC & OG
Shifters – EF&BM:
1. BM on back
2. EF join and merge rhythm / pattern
3. Intertwine bodies
4. EF in charge “90/10 relationship, E you are 90”
5. Move around floor
6. Change speeds “each change your speed, differently to eachother”
7. Change focus “change focus”
8. EF make BM look good “B develop a character” “E make B look good”
9. Newly weds dance -> conversation “you are newly weds doing your first dance, talk about it”
10. Argument “continue in that direction, you don’t agree”
11. Resolution “find a way to conclude”

Rodney & Elle

O and L giving instructions: Working together we could run ideas by each other first, to create a shared vision for the improv. Did the other agree on the direction? Did we both think it needed the same thing? How best to word an offer?
PHYSICAL OFFER: When the argument was building it became stagnant and we needed to offer a direction, but a verbal instruction would have interrupted B and E flow. So we gave them a pillow each to hold – a physical offer. Their (automatic/intrinsic) physical response through posturing and gesture deepened their character and strengthened the scene. This relationship to the pillow helped them move past the stagnant territory and heighten then resolve the scene.

This studio is stunning!! Look at the lighting!! Great location too (central Auckland) .... if anyone is looking to hire a beautiful dance space please contact Jenny -

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