Thursday, 23 February 2017

COMPOSURE - Part III Session 26

This is our last session before our 12-hour improvisation event so we
-worked out some logistics
-set up the space
-planned our food
-organised clothing colours
-practiced a live-feed video [check in to our Composure Facebook page from 3pm on Saturday to engage with our improvisation practice!]

-wrote notes on how our audience can engage tomorrow:

We want you to;
-offer an idea for us to create movement with
-join us as a shifter (dancer) in creating the improvisation
-take on the role of shaper and direct/lead an improvisation
-investigate, with us, our methods of working and creating
-play an instrument and we can improvise together
-change the music!
-observe: sit and watch it all unfold!
-call RESET when you want the improv to end

-engage in our discussion about making dance; what decisions do we make inside an improvisation / how do we make dance work / how do we view dance work / in what ways do we engage in performance as an audience member / how can we explore that audience-performer relationship
-take photos: tag us -  Facebook: ‘Composure’ or Instagram: #composureproject
-write / reflect / ask questions on the paper provided at the end of the room
-connect on our blog

Join us for a few minutes or stay for an hour or two or 12. Return later to see our progress!

We began with a face-off
Led to two duets
OG shaped: EF&SF go with the music, LC&JD go against the music
LC&JD narrated SF&RA duet

RESET: we have developed a new tool
RESET is a word that clears the space.
-anyone of us can use it, if we feel that the improv has come to an end, if we feel that the improv is going nowhere, if we just need to start on a new idea!
-audience can use RESET too
-if we hear RESET, we all stop and physically leave the space. While other directions can be interpreted however we want, reset is one that we all do it! we can then re-gather and start a fresh improv or someone from audience can offer idea.

During the second improv OG, as shaper, gave an offer that didn't work. We reacted. We explained our reaction. We offered SF (who was watching) an opportunity for us to re-do the ending. We re-did the ending.
We are open/honest in our failings. We test an alternative possibility. We learn from our decisions.

We are really excited for our 12-hour improvisation tomorrow! 11am - 11pm at the Samoa House Studio. We would love if you join us -at any time, and in any way! XX

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