Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Composure - Part III

July - November 2016

Our intentions/aims/interests/goals for Part III

-we will move away from using the words choreographer and dancer. We have replaced these terms with shaper and shifter and will use these to access new modes of creating, until new potential roles emerge.
-we will call our 'rehearsal' a session to move away from the notion that we are repeating movement to get better but rather, are constantly developing our collective practice and growing our personal skill set.

-Dancer is Shifter: they move, offer ideas, drive the piece; taking away the term ‘dancer’ also allows shifters to broaden the spectrum of material they create.
-Choreographer is Shaper: they mould, meld, give structure to the piece.

aims in response to our feedback from 2 July showing:
-continue to work towards the option of the shaper being fully immersed in the work
-challenge our way of giving directions
-evolve our range of instructions and the form (physical, conceptual, abstract)
-develop our ability to say no to directions (while still providing constructive work)

-scene work
-vocal explorations
-structural/spacial design
-the grid
-supported movement
-story making

-increase our improvisational stamina towards an endurance piece!
-individual goals and personal development
-collaborate with fresh shapers

From now, we will write weekly notes and findings from our sessions!


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