Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Composure - Part III session 2

July - November 2016

Exploration of milling and seething layer groups including catch, throw, grab - increase awareness of the space and encouraging interactions with other shifters with a direct intention.
What happens when we merge these three options? It forms a mode of manipulative movement through which we found these options:
-Biosis Duet
     continual exploration of catch, throw, grab.
     what are the possibilities as an outsider during this interaction. How can we allow the continuation of movement without interrupting the flow. 
-Lurkers on the outside
     heavy engagement without physical interaction.
     Rip the duet apart to keep it together - actively encouraging change and development
-Provide a support as an escape rather than waiting on a 'jump rope' moment

-Exploration of adaptation in regards to the mode of giving 'instructions' - or 'shaping' the shifters
 - this meant a more conceptual approach to direction, layering influences or meaning to existing movement rather than applying a physical change to a shifter
-Used one shifter as an 'informant' for another; Omea expressed an extremely rational explanation to the movement being used, and inspiration/keywords were taken from the dialogue by our shaper and given to another shifter, Cushla, as a movement or conceptual catalyst. This created an externally available relationship between the two performers without affecting their own perception of the interaction

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