Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Composure Part II

April - June 2016

Our explorations last year were so interesting and informative that we decided to continue working! With a new collection of dancers we began working again, developing our methods of live-composition. We worked with a practice-as-research approach to making choreography, intrigued in our personal and collective modes of live decision making.

We worked once a week within this loose structure;
-task to c/entre the body and the group
-task to create/build our collective language
-task to develop our awareness and our decision making patterns
-1 or 2 long improvisations
-reflection / discussion

The reflection / discussion at the end of each session is where the value of our learning lies. We place a strong emphasis on asking questions of ourselves and of the group ...
what are my preferences/automatic responses?
how can I harness/oppose those instant choices?
what and how am I contributing to the overall piece?
what am I interested in as a choreographer
what is the relationship between choreographer and dancer? (do we need to use different terms!?)
what tools do we need?

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