Thursday, 28 July 2016

Composure - Part III session 3

July - November 2016

warm up:
-massage/invigorate/activate muscles of another
-which leads into finding a point of shared pressure of rolling/rubbing. we follow this point of contact and through the contact enable movement of the rest of the body/s.

we are both 50% giving and 50% receiving.

new options: 10% giving and 90% receiving OR 90% giving and 10% receiving. both people can shift between these three operating modes. can work in opposing or complimentary modes. This is not an indication of quality or weight or effort but merely a level of how much direction we are receiving or giving.

we must always be receiving direction/guidance through contact
to give well is to receive well
the reception of movement is already a gift of movement
receiving = listening
the partnership becomes one body, one organism (with several parts)

Biosis Duet
we mill and seethe and then
-catch (by a touch and then a melt into partner)
-throw (by calling out a name and throwing our bodies for them to catch)
-grab (by pulling someone into a fall/swivel/lift)

which becomes our Biosis Duet (partnership continues until someone (a lurker) interrupts/replaces/emerges

it's unpredictable (which heightens our focus/engagement)
we are in a trance

the separation is interesting -pull someone into a duet / -push someone out by pressing into the other / -call out name to catch self
the different modes of separation/beginning/ending offer different narratives
lurkers = not totally convinced of their role (aesthetically) but there is an element of suspense (when/how will they enter)
how do we enter - at the 'good' bit or after? hard or easy ? must be with full commitment!

what if the audience was circling as they watched???

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