Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Composure Part II - Showing

The Undisciplining Dance Symposium was an incredible gathering of dance practitioners, researchers, performers and creatives from around NZ and worldwide sharing their work as a way of unpacking the term 'undisciplining dance'. People addressed this in regards to education, performance, research, choreography -even in their mode of presentation! For us, this was an exciting place to share our work, an undisciplined approach to creating and performing work and in the undisciplined performance structure of informality and collective post-performance reflection.

Our performance was 20 minutes long. Leah began the piece with verbal communication to the dancers who responded physically in relationship with the space and the others. Throughout the piece the 'choreographer' role was transferred between people offering directions for the dancers to fulfill. We could start and stop sound tracks and the piece concluded with an (unfortunately silent!) alarm.

Our audience offered these thoughts/proposals/questions/offerings/possibilities:

cb: interesting inquiry into our modes of decision making = intuition vs choreographic understanding
nm: what if the choreographers were completely emmerced in the piece?
       what if the choreographers were outside people, foreign to the project?
       what if the choreographers were the same but directing new people?
el: what is the mode of saying no?
     we have to push past our boundaries, we have to risk take, we have to go to those 'scary moments'      -that is where we learn, where we make art, that is where the interest lies for the audience
ae: encouragement to see the process, the raw making rather than the finished product
al: how do we offer the instructions? is it a command / question / offer / suggestion ?
kl: what role can music, or a live musician, play in the live-creation of the work?

We are considering all of these ideas as we move into Part III.

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