Saturday, 3 December 2016

COMPOSURE - Part III Session 14

July - November 2016

Moving as a GROUP

We developed different ways / systems / timings / to move as an individual but in connectedness with the group.
aim to create movement language we know super well as anchors/buoys to our improvisations

+Group Slink:
  the basic pattern is-
  1 move
  2 still
  3 still
  4 still
  (but we could do any numbers really)
  - we only move (a solid/shift/transfer -type movement) on the 1. we don't have to move on the 1. we can break away (on the 1) and do whatever type (continuous) movement we like and then rejoin the group on a 1
  - we did it in mini groups and each group had their own timing, in a canon. So each groups' movement on the 1 was different, but there was unity in the overall rhythm

+conveyor belt: walking down & up the room using the same timing as above
  1 step
  2 still
  3 still
  4 still
  (but we could do any numbers really)
  - we can break away and walk for as long as we want (any style, any direction etc) before getting back on the conveyor belt.
  - this is a cool base. we can break off from here to do any of our other tasks -face off, catch/throw/grab, biosis duet, characters ....anything else!
  - would be good to develop triggers into those ^ tasks
  - do we find songs that the conveyor belt is associated with??

Unfortunately, we have no video evidence....sorry, we were all too immersed to step out and film! But we shall do it again.

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