Sunday, 13 November 2016

COMPOSURE - Part III Session 13

July - November 2016

Following last session's discussion, we used the same structure and exercises as to see what differences would occur.


-biosis duet was looser as last session felt like a re-learning and required an energy from everybody to help organise the mechanics of the process. today the feeling and process were more present in the body, so dancers felt more relaxed in approach, and more eager to move toward the next section. The mood was lighter and more upbeat than in the same exercise last session.


We continued to follow the same structure, moving forward into the exploration of the variabilities applicable to different levels of yes/no.

As with the biosis duet today, a knowledge of what was to come and a memory of it's success in the last session pushed a more casual and confident approach, but potentially a less considered one. The first time we explored this idea, we found initiation of new movement to be taken directly from one another, creating strong connections - generally between two people. In this session, we tried to work on performing more collectively within the improvisation; a successful endeavor, however it meant that when a section within the work wound to a close, there were occasions where we found it difficult to move organically into another pairing or group, as the entirety of dancers involved were already working together. An option here could have been to have a complete 'no' and break away.

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