Sunday, 11 December 2016

COMPOSURE - Part III Session 16


We started walking.
in silence
we traced patterns on the floor
we weaved in / through / around eachother
in silence
we developed the walking and pathways to become more complicated paths with more complex rhythms

There were three of us, BM, LC, and a new friend AN. We started so simply that we really quickly tuned in to each other, and from that point easily developed/expanded the material we were working with
-straight pathways become curved/long/short/backwards/spiral
-steady rhythms became syncopated/with some pauses/syncing up to other's patterns/different rhythms within the body
-action of walking became falling/spiraling/running

The image of weaving emerged.
So we explored weaving:
-pathways, patterns, movement trajectories, within our body, amongst/in/around an other
EF joined us and she explored weaving as an internal image -so we all tried this!

Weaving image
(unweave = unwind body / weave = re-wind body)

-undwinding; started at the top of the head, down the body and out arms
-body still; unwind mind
-weave up mind; then to the inside of the body (organs) then to outside - last, think about skin

-felt someone nearby and felt connection (sensing, not touch)
-pulling me in towards the other (person/body part/floor/wall)
-hard to unwind
-went with intuition of pattern
-tried shutting off but brain was still moving body
-unwound into sleep position

-planned sequence of image in head before doing it
-hard to action the image in the mid-range (between standing on feet and sitting on bum)
-brought up image of fading -I faded to the back of my body
-unwound to savasana position (associations of neutral/muscle memories of being unwound?)

-doesn't have to physicalise the image
-chest forward - figuring out what I can

Later, as a new thing to do ... we went along K Rd to find a place to try our walking/weaving improvisation from earlier .... here's a short video!

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