Saturday, 10 December 2016

COMPOSURE - Part III Session 15

We began moving with our eyes shut, to activate our other sense more strongly. We explored shapes, movement pathways,

BM - completely different moves with eyes shut; it feels way better but maybe doesn't look better? It eliminates self judging in the moment
LC - my touch sensors are more active therefore I just more (myself and other when in contact)when I explore a body part on right, the left body part mirrors it; I find it really hard to concentrate via sensing on two things at once
JD - as soon as my eyes opened, my rhythm changed - I slipped in to the group rhythm
RT - went totally in to habitual movement

Tricky point: how do we get into contact with the others..... when that instruction is given, it can sometimes feel forced to get in touch. how do you know when the other is ready? how do you navigate touch/contact with eyes shut

Throughout this task there seemed to be windows of opportunity appear as a point to change but we all stayed the same
-we were all on the ground... either a new idea, a stillness, some common movement could have developed .. but we stayed a little in our own worlds

SO, in the next improvisation we explicitly gave each other the task to identify those windows of opportunity and give verbal offers to the group to help us get on the same path / lead us in that direction / assist in the progression of the group work rather than the individual within the group/

JD - saw we were interacting in a line, sub-consciously exploring counter-balancing; gave direction to do more counter-balance
JD - saw the other 3 were doing something super interesting, didn't feel necessary to that idea so separated self and directed the exploration of other 3
LC - identified an idea earlier of movement from the head, carried that on later

This mode of identifying what the improvisation needs, finding ways to steer the direction of the group and the movement, and methods of delivering the instructions is one of our main focuses in this practice. Would love to hear any thoughts / experiences / suggestions from anyone out there reading!! 

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