Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Composure Part III - Session 8

July - Novemeber 2016

Live Sound Exploration

Tonight we invited experienced improviser and live-sound artist Kristian Larsen to join us and contribute sound to our work. We sought to explore the role of live music and how that would influence our movement and out creating and then also how our movement/creations might influence the making of the movement.

IMPROVISATION [1 hour long]

-we were all shifters
-anyone could step out to be the shaper
-experience how live music can shape/shift the piece (explore this relationship)
-Kristian had the timer and at the end would direct the conclusion

Some really awesome things happened in our improvisation and we all responded really differently to the sound.
Elle: sound changed her approach a lot, was always reacting or letting the sound initiate the movement. went into a dance/performance mode
Rodney: was either going with or going against the sound, this helped him shift his awareness
Leah: used sound to initiate a movement idea but then left the sound to explore the movement
Cushla: was aware of the sound but purposefully go against it (but then that actually is going with the music)

We talked about a cycle of interaction: we go with the sound, we try to go against the sound, but as we go further from the sound we actually go with it...but in an opposite manner, to the point that we are just going with the sound. Maybe that's just human nature, we can't avoid or ignore the sounds of our everyday worlds, nor can we in a performative sense.

Some observations from Kristian:
-perhaps we became distracted by the sound (not used to having live sound)
-with an open narrative there are endless possibilities; creating some kind of limitation
-could we be more specific with - content / material / movement / tools / skills
-dance = people behaving
-how do coincidences work?
-we could do further research into other dance forms which operate fully in an improvised sense eg tango, break dancing, martial arts [what are their principles of creating, interacting]

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