Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Composure - Part III Session 9

July - November 2016


(this is a classic improvisation exercise)
-creative movement
-tuning in with other and with group
-warming up physical body and creative mind
-push self to engage
-build group connection (key aspect)

-identify personal point of choreographic interest
-research that idea
-develop that idea as shaper by creating a work with 1-4 shifters (with audience watching)

Identify Idea:
-what am I interested in? / what do I like watching? / how do I like making?

Research Idea
-3 minutes to investigate ideas and generate as many options/possibilities/ways to explore idea
-discern favourite options

Develop Idea
-use 1--4 shapers
-direct idea / shapers
-the creating of the piece is the creation (the audience watches the process)

-idea: collide / morph
-shapers as individuals, colliding with other/space
with my instructions, I did not quite get what I wanted, it was almost there!
yet I let the dancers find it

-cover face / move with body without face (what if I couldn't see)
-shapers cover face / exploring their face
the music influenced the shapers movement, I didn't like that = change music

-(could not physicalise thoughts)
-tried different ideas out with group: repeated/developed the idea 'go back to the start'
I added a layer each time, developed my thought, changed my wording, adapted the instructions. I discovered what I wanted as I wanted it to happen

-particular quality of movement/voice (have been playing with for a few months)
-does someone else's thought pattern influence the other?
How can I articulate my own way of working/moving/talking to pass on to another? Used imagery, though the shapers interpreted it differently than expected. Let shapers chose when to action new instruction

-action of hugging (how many things can I hug? try all the ways of hugging)
-chose the most interesting ways of hugging -instructed shapers to explore that way
I knew what hugs I wanted to see the shapers explore, I know the spacing I wanted to look at. I set up the shapers in symmetrical positions and gave the first few instructions. Then my next ideas were inspired by how the shapers interpreted the first instructions.

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