Thursday, 26 January 2017

COMPOSURE - Part III Session 19


We are working towards an open sharing of our Composure practice as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival and the Dunedin Fringe Festival!! This is very exciting for us all. Following on from our open rehearsal in December, we are interested in sharing our practice -and opening it up for people to join in!

The focus is on how we each approach the task of making; what we are interested in seeing movers do, and how we get them to do it. It pushes the boundaries of traditional expectations around choreography and performance by using movement, dance and voice to interact with sound, space, and people, employing a progressive audience/artist interaction.

In Auckland, we will be sharing this as a 12-hour endurance improvisation piece at the Samoa House Studio, Samoa House Lane off Beresford Square. The studio is beautiful, spacious, and offers much new modes of explorations.

During practice, we investigated the space:


-look -consider / think
-observe / investigate
-involve the body
-sound / rhythm

We feel the history, we consider what has been before. We are the first dancers in the space (since The Actor' Program have taken it over) and we use our muscle memory to understand the space. We give, we listen, we talk.

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