Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Composure - Part III Session 6

July - ... 2016

vocals / words

two weeks ago when we explored voices and talking we asked these questions:
How do we move away from our associations with words. How do we de-socailise our words to access abstract vocal pathways. How do we use our movement skills to create/change/develop the vocal explorations.

so this week we spent our whole session abstracting words, sentence structures, conversations. We know others who have done/are doing amazing and interesting things with the voice and the sounds vocal cords can make and also the experience that this can create -so we are not delving in to the realm of soundings but we are attempting to use words, actual words, to construct choreographic sentences. The trouble is that words are entirely social; our sentences are historically and socially constructed, our slang is imbued with contextual understanding and our mode of speaking is emotionally and sensitively driven. Our words are so charged because humans communicate through a shared understanding of these constructed vocal rules. HOW CAN WE DECONSTRUCT THAT?!? How can we use words to layer our live-choreographies without necessarily 'story-telling', how can we abstract words in the way that we abstract movement?

Warm up

Whispers Game
-one person whispers a sentence to the next, who whispers to the next, until the last person
-one person whispers a sentence to the next, who interprets through movement to the next, who interprets into a sentence and whispers to the next, until the last person
-one person moves a phrase to the next, who interprets into a sentence and whispers to the next, who interprets through movement to the next, until the last
-one person moves a phrase to the next, who moves a phrase to the next, until the last person

Each time we shared aloud or visually the progression (in reverse order) of the phrase or movement. The interpretations, the things that got lost or the things that were held on to were very interesting.
This could be a cool choreographic tool, to make new movement material! 

We would like a term for this...because it is not a poem as we know poems, it is not a story, it is not a traditional sentence  ....

We created a phrase or words as a base phrase and then applied choreographic tools/devises to it.
-To create the phrase we picked random words from a jar and wrote them in the order we chose them; this was the first abstraction phrase as we needed those first sentences to make no normal sense
-we learnt the phrase by saying aloud several times
-we added repetition to one word or two words together
-we chose one or two words to say backwards
-we add a choreographic structure (AB, ABA, ABBA, ABC) and moved the phrase around

We performed these to each other

We combined our phrases with each other and made two duets and a trio.
-we used the same approaches that we would use when sharing movement material in order to make a duet or trio
-we found words that sounded good at the same time
-we married pauses in each of our own phrases
-we borrowed each others phrases for moments of unison
-we played with volume 

Elle + Rodney: said words out loud, decided which sounded good together, went off patterns in own phrase and found surprising moments
Ben + Georgia: used a process of elimination to get rid of bad sounding words
Reece + Cushla + Leah: chose a technique/choreographic tool and then chose which words to apply it to


Using our phrase material -solo and duet or trio- and borrowing off the other solos or trios we did an improvisation, based purely on the words!
Our approaches varied but are very similar to our personal approaches to movement improvisation.
Georgia: play off other peoples words (and found some humour)
Cushla: had a random approach until we found we could have a conversation through the abstracted words and phrases
Leah: observed what is the group doing and then attempted to do the opposite/compliment the whole group dynamics eg when the group was loud, Leah chose a quiet tone
Elle: complimented others
Reece: applied the 'change' principle to himself
We had no time indication so the ending was totally authentic and we arrived at an ending from the intensity of our focus and connection as a group!

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